Brand Reboot – Rebranding Strategies that profit business by 64%

Have you ever got into the situation of choosing between a product manufactured by a brand that has existed for ages and a product manufactured by a newly built brand? We bet you have. This is something that happens every other day at the supermarket with shoppers in between the aisles. Even though the win usually goes to known brands with planned strategies, sometimes the tables turn when the new brand on the block takes the cake.

The age of the brand is an important factor in it creating a constant buzz over the market. As a matter of fact, most brands with proper strategies never really have a problem winning over the crowd despite the age of the brand. However, a brand of age without a proper brand strategy could very well lose its credibility in the market. If the revenue and public interest in the brand seems to be dropping constantly for quite a few months, it might be time for a brand reboot.

Why Brand Reboot?

Similar to a brand revamp, a brand reboot is when the brand strategists decide to edit the whole ideology of the brand matching newer standards to relaunch it for an evolved audience. A brand reboot can create waves for markets, if, of course, done the right way. There are certain areas that you need to focus on in order to reach success with your brand reboot. In fact, if done correctly your brand can profit your business by approximately 64% more or less. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what you need to focus on.

Creativity First

39% of the customers that are buying from you on average love creativity. They love the fact that your brand is one that stands out amongst its competitors. What you need to do is understand that the reason you lost your brand credibility is because you didn’t keep up with the latest trends. Millennials took over? Yes, they sure did and if you need to sustain the brand, you need to entertain them. For strategists who are still worried about the millennium, please know that the millennium was 17 years ago. The new audience loves brands who know how to stand out with the help of creativity.

So, how can a brand strategy be creative? Well, that’s simple. A brand strategy can be creative if you think outside the box. But hey, what exactly is this ‘box’ I speak of? Anything traditional in the industry that has become infectious to the audience with its recurring form is the box. Ads for diapers can be great examples of the ‘box’. Try thinking different and strategize your brand towards a different way of seeing things. This is usually what attracts the audience and forces them to convert.

Study Customer Behavior

I keep repeating the same statement again and again because it holds a great example. Never, and I mean EVER, forget your audience. If by any chance you do, things can go very wrong. Your targeted audience can mature, evolve and be educated but even after the brand reboot, it can never change. Sure, you can segment the audience into a bigger better lot or a smaller more goal-oriented one.

Studying customer behavior can actually help a lot with building a new brand strategy as well. Think your last marketing strategy didn’t work that well? That’s sad. Is there something you can do about it? Yes! Investigate. Try getting into your customer’s mind understanding what he or she wants to say. This is basically what could assist you in brand reputation management as well. Understanding what your crowd needs is what you can really do to make a different in your brand strategy.

Measure, Test, Edit, Measure again!

Brands that make a mistake don’t prosper. However, brands that make mistakes and work on changing those mistakes completely for the better are the ones that have the last laugh. It’s all about how you measure what you’re working on. Each campaign you start working on has the potential to be one of the best campaigns that you can possibly make but it’s a fact that they sometimes don’t work and turn out to be the worst campaigns that you’ve worked with. What makes the difference? Measuring, adapting, editing and testing the campaign is what makes the difference.

Your campaign needs to be in constant surveillance by your marketing team in order for it to make it to the top. When an ample amount of time has successfully passed, it is time for an audit that makes the difference. Have a clear and concise look on what really is happening. Is your audience happy? Or are they furious? Are they confused or are they willing to convert asap? All of these things just might be the tip of the iceberg. What really makes the difference is keen and detailed edits after the measurements are thoroughly checked.

All in all, creating a brand strategy that works just might be the pinnacle of success for any brand. If you’re planning on a brand reboot, don’t forget to go over these steps perfectly. Success if what you are looking for and success is what you would love to have. Why not do it with a brand reboot? Think over it. Leave your comments below supporting your views on this article.

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