How the perfect Brand Strategy directly affects your ROI

Have you ever looked at a brand in awe? Of course, you have. There are hundreds of brands out there with the perfect brand identity, brand placement, product design and advertisement design, that sets them apart amongst their competition. Such brands are pioneers in terms of setting a new trend that entices the audience into performing conversions.

Contrary to popular belief, a great brand is directly proportional to its age in the market. However, that clearly isn’t the case. What works is the brand strategy of the company and how it portrays its products to its audience. In the curious case of brand development, it is important to take care of the overall existence of the brand and that can be done with an apt Brand Strategy.

Understanding the Market Adaptation

The market adaptation of a specific product is basically what you need to base your whole strategy off. What you need to do is realize how the public is adapting to the product currently in the market. Let me elaborate this further with a current market example i.e. the fidget spinner. There’s no denying the fact that fidget spinners are the latest and greatest addition to the market having an enormous number of sales at just the start of the year. But hey, have you ever wondered how these fidget spinners have been around for decades with no sales? That’s right! These fidget spinners have been around for quite some time. The reason their sales didn’t quite reach the very top was a poor brand strategy.  Had the companies selling fidget spinners added a unique brand strategy a few decades ago, the response would have been even better.

Pushing Creativity to New Heights

At the end of the day, it is all about creativity and how you market your ideas to the customer to make your product a success. From the ‘share, a coke’ campaign from a huge corporation such as Coca-Cola to John Cena’s face on the box of Fruity Pebbles Cereal, creativity is what pushed the brand strategy to newer heights.

It really isn’t about how you come up with a campaign, it’s basically about what you come up with. How you choose to portray your idea is not always how it’s going to be portrayed, so you need to make sure the portrayal is always simple and to-the-point. It’s about going out of the box. If you can change the way your audience thinks, you can make sure that your brand strategy is going to be effective.

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