Unravelling the Importance of Brand Identity

Have you ever thought of buying a product solely because of its greater brand value as compared to its competitors? Of course, you have. In fact, you’re not alone as almost 8 out of every 10 people consider buying a product from a trusted brand instead of making a change of choice. This is a great example of brand vitality and how important brand identity can actually be.

Whether you want to believe it or not, brand identity is as important as can be for any corporation. The identity of the brand is what defines it overall as an entity to the people. Let us discuss the important of brand identity in detail.

Importance of Brand Identity

To understand the importance of Brand Identity, you must first understand the importance of a brand. So, what exactly is a brand according to you? If you’re confused let me give you a clear-cut definition on what brand actually is.

A brand is a story. It’s the definition to who you are and how you operate as a company, corporation, startup or a product. Similar to how most people have personalities, most brands have an identity to define who they are and how they work.

In the words of the great Seth Godin, “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

What Mr. Godin beautifully implicates in this sentence is the overall importance of the brand and its influence on the people. Let us elaborate how exactly a brand influences its audience.

Influencing the Audience

The overall identity of the brand influences the overall targeted audience of the brand in a huge way. Consider this example, have you ever thought of a dull GoDaddy commercial? Of course not! In fact, most people can’t even imagine that in your head. Why? Because the overall identity of the brand that is placed inside the customers mind, is that the brand is jolly and creative with its advertisement.

Similarly, how would you like it if KFC’s tagline read something like ‘crispy delights in every bite!’ rather than the original one i.e. ‘Finger Lickin’ Good!’? I’m guessing you won’t feel very hungry if that were to happen. This, again, is a great example of how brands place their overall identities and how these identities made a difference.

This is mainly why a brand’s identity is so vital to any company. Without a strong brand identity that influences the customer, your brand can never even come near to success. Sure, you might be providing the best product or service in the market as compared to your competitors but all of that won’t matter if your brand and its identity isn’t captivating enough for your customer to take interest.

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